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3 Quick Ways to Boost Energy with Yoga

External conditions affect our minds and bodies, creating blockages and diversions of our energies. DRUVA Yoga Therapy enables an understanding of how these energies can be harnessed in a positive manner.

For example, we can appreciate how the weather impacts our mood, sending our scattered thoughts swirling as the clouds race across the sky. Take a look at a school playground on windy days, or watch how your own children respond to the disruptive elements by racing around. Teachers know that when the wind howls, the children will be less able to focus on their schoolwork.

A wintry day sees us hunched inside our coats, bent forward into the rain or snow, affecting our very breath as we curl and limit the ability of the rib cage to expand.

‘Slouching prevents your diaphragm from working efficiently to expand your chest cavity and lungs’

Karen DeChello, clinical assistant professor of occupational therapy

In contrast, a sunny day sees us standing tall, open to the shining sun and with a lifted mood. This enhanced upright posture allows us to breathe more deeply, which in turn is beneficial for our stress levels.

We have all recently experienced how the pandemic has affected each and every one of us, whether directly touched by Covid-19 or not. A general sense of suppressed anxiety has made the winter months in the UK seem so much longer than in previous years. This heightened level of anxiety, combined with our winter tendencies to poor standing posture (and higher levels of sitting for long periods of time indoors) can contribute to a lassitude, a lessening of our energy levels and our ability to cope with everyday life.

By tuning in to how these external factors are making us feel, we can use our DRUVA Yoga Therapy practice to effect changes within our body systems, bringing us back to a sense of equilibrium. ‘Tuning in’ is about acknowledging your current state, and then deciding what it is that you need to do in order to maximise your sense of wellbeing.

Yoga is not just about what happens on the mat. The yoga mat is the place where we are able to practice the different aspects, which we then take into our daily lives. Learning how to effectively use these tools helps us to enhance our experience of life, and the lives of those around us.

3 quick ways to boost energy levels

1. Shake out the Body

Shaking out the different parts of the body is a quick, easy way to warm the body. Our Yoga sessions always begin with Activations, simple movements designed to release tension and prepare the body for Yoga.

Shaking out helps to raise the body temperature, and in a group session often seems to significantly lift the mood of participants.

2. Focus on the Breath

Energy levels can be enhanced by efficient breathing. DRUVA Yoga Therapy movements are always connected to the breath, and participants are encouraged to perform movements in tune with their own breath rhythm.

Specific breath practices such as the ‘Power Breath’ can be used to boost energy, but even simple techniques such as Diaphragmatic breathing are able to enhance energy levels.

3. Calm the Mind

Learning how to bring your self into a state of relaxation quickly and effectively is a skill that can be incredibly useful throughout our daily lives.

DRUVA Yoga Therapy utilises a number of different Relaxation techniques, and is well known for deep relaxation practices. Relaxation helps to ‘switch off’ the ‘fight or flight’ response and to stop wasting nervous energy. Relaxation allows us to achieve a sense of release from tension, both mental and physical.

Next Steps

DRUVA Yoga Therapy helps clients to achieve a sense of physical and mental ease. Each class session is themed, and the themes build week by week to increase your knowledge and understanding, offering a ‘toolkit’ for modern living. Book your sessions now for details.



Michelle Helstrip

Founder of DRUVA Yoga Therapy & Wellbeing


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