Michelle Helstrip
Relax into Diaphragmatic Breath
Michelle Helstrip
Dru Yoga Therapist & Yoga Teacher; Founder of DRUVA

I continue to offer tuition online 1-2-1and group classes. In line with current government guidelines, Yoga Therapy can now be offered in person. Personal tuition is the traditional way of offering Yoga. If you have never tried a one-to-one session, why not treat yourself? Course fees include a personalised yoga sequence for you to follow at home, giving you flexibility as well as expert guidance.

Group sessions continue online, with clients saying how much they enjoy being able to practice alongside others, but in the comfort and security of their own home.

'thankyou for fab yoga session'

'beautiful yoga'

Dru Yoga, with it's emphasis on spinal mobility, is particularly useful for those who are finding that they are currently sitting for long periods. Our Dru sessions move the spine gently in all directions, to ensure that our back does not get 'fixed' in one position.

In person group workshops re-commence in July, but with restricted numbers and in accordance with government guidelines.

Newsletters offer insights and suggestions to help navigate these still challenging times, so do register to receive these bulletins (on average once monthly). The Newsletters also contain early notice of coming events.


Blog posts are designed to offer useful information, backed by science, in a readable format that I hope you will enjoy.

Audio (see left) this time features an introduction to Diaphragmatic Breathing, comonly known as the belly breath, designed to calm the mind and relax the body (11 mins)