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Michelle Helstrip
Michelle Helstrip
Dru Yoga Therapist & Yoga Teacher; Founder of DRUVA

In 2023 DRUVA delivered:

Community-based yoga sessions, working in conjunction with the Peterborough Bengali Sanskriti Club and the Bharat Hindu Samaj. Daytime sessions aimed at 60 - 80+ less mobile participants; and evening sessions aimed at younger participants experiencing Dru Yoga for the first time.


Beginners' courses, based at the Zen yoga studio in Spalding, working in conjunction with The Zen Space. Four week courses aimed at absolute beginners, and designed to accommodate a range of health conditions.

Online tuition, via Zoom. Weekly sessions offering an ongoing Dru Yoga practice for those unable to attend in-person classes. With participants from UK, France, Australia, & Qatar. Sometimes the changing time zones made attendance challenging, but the 11am UK time slot seems to work well for most.

1-2-1 specialist Dru Yoga Therapy courses, based in Spalding & Crowland. Six week courses designed to accommodate a range of health conditions, with a primary focus on spinal health. Clients with chronic back pain, Fibromyalgia, balance issues, and those seeking strategies to manage anxiety through breath and movement were all welcomed.


What is on offer initially for 2024?


Online tuition continues, both1-2-1and group classes. Group classes are small, friendly, and designed to be as accessible as possible.


Face to face 1-2-1 If you have never tried a one-to-one session, why not treat yourself? Course fees include a personalised yoga sequence for you to follow at home, including tailored sequences for those with back pain.

Workshops in Qatar For those of you based in Doha, these workshops are the ideal opprtunity to learn more about Dru Yoga and enjoy the benefits of working with body and breath in tandem.

Secret Spaces The opportunity to enjoy a gentle Dru Yoga session in a special space. Register for the Newsletter to be among the first to know about these relaxing events.

Newsletters offer insights and suggestions, so do register to receive these bulletins (on average once monthly). The Newsletters also contain early notice of upcoming events.


Blog posts are designed to offer useful information, backed by science, in a readable format that I hope you will enjoy.

Audio helps to support the Dru Yoga tuition and therapy, by offering the opportunity to listen and practice in your own time.

NOTE: Please be aware that the Audio segments are designed to be used by current clients as an addition to tuition , not as a stand-alone product.

I will be adding to the new 'Listen' section on a regular basis, so please do sign up for Newsletter and you will be advised of new additions.



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