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Michelle Helstrip
Relax into Diaphragmatic Breath
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Sky Meditation
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Relaxation live 11Michelle Helstrip
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Michelle Helstrip
Dru Yoga Therapist & Yoga Teacher; Founder of DRUVA

Welcome to the new 'Listen' facility, which I hope will help clients to be able to revisit some of the practices that we have covered, and provide insights.

Audio helps to support the Dru Yoga tuition and therapy, by offering the opportunity to listen and practice in your own time.

NOTE: Please be aware that the Audio segments are designed to be used by current clients as an addition to tuition , not as a stand-alone product.

I will be adding to the new 'Listen' section on a regular basis, so please do sign up for Newsletter and you will be advised of new additions.



'Relax into Diaphragmatic Breath' - An introduction to Diaphragmatic Breathing, comonly known as the belly breath, designed to calm the mind and relax the body.


'Sky' Meditation - Introducing a way to focus on the 'bigger picture' through this guided meditation practice.


Relaxation live with Michelle Helstrip & class - A short guided relaxation known as the 'Rotation of Consciousness'

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